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The following is a summary of the draft minutes of the meeting held on Monday 23rd April, 2018 (postponed from earlier in the month). The full version will be available, on request, after the May meeting.


Minutes of the meeting held on 1st March 2018;

Approved. Proposed by Pat and seconded by Joan.

Matters Arising;

Adur Ferry Bridge Cross-authority working group – Joss has approached Tim Loughton but no meeting planned yet. Cause of damage is non-conclusive, but some does appear to be vandalism. Joss to talk to Tim again regarding reconvening the planned meeting

Defibrillator Appeal – Defibrillators installed – one in the Church grounds and the other outside Atlantic Stores in Ferry Road. Thanks given to Pauline Karadzas for her help in this matter and also to the church. The code has been shared with key Beach personnel – when needed it can also be obtained from SECAmb; currently we are waiting for them to acknowledge the installations.

Neighbourhood Forum Update – Dave Collins, who is the new Chairman of the SBNF, updated the SBRA committee regarding funding issues and next steps.

Beach News and Website;

Deadline for copy is 7th June with the summer edition of the Beach News ready for the 1st week in July.

Social Report;

Over 55s' meal – Another successful event, all seats "sold" and there were many positive comments on the day and by email afterwards. Joyce thanked the team who worked so very hard, which included some non-committee volunteers. Joss thanked Joyce, Joan and the team for the event.

Other SBRA Social events: Plans for LINE DANCING (Sunday 20th May) well underway – Joyce asked if anyone wanted tickets to let her know. The Coach Trip to Leeds Castle (19th September) will go ahead – coach and group entrance have both been booked.

Others' Events;
Church of the Good Shepherd - The Big Brekkie - 12th May 9:30 to 12:00 noon – church hall
FoSB - Guided Flower Walk - 27th May, Time & Venue TBA
Shoreham Fort -
Heritage Crime Surgery - 30th April from 11:00am
Find Out More Day - 6th May 11:00am
Military History Weekend - 2 & 3rd June 110:00am
Visit to Parliament; Joss was asked about the visit mentioned at the AGM and in the Beach News, she noted that Tim Loughton MP is currently busy with elections, so this will be arranged with him later. Joss suggested the possibility of two trips.

Financial Report;

Julia emailed the committee a summary of accounts and transactions up to the beginning of April (original meeting date).

Sub-Committee Reports;

Planning; Dave will bring all reports re planning applications up to date tomorrow. Other planning items mentioned were:
Howard Kent Site: Objections have been made re the development of this site – it is thought this development may now not go ahead in its current form.
Beach Green Development: No further confirmed update with this at present.

Councillors' Reports;

Ben reported that he had nothing to report since the last meeting.
Joss reported;
Environment Agency: Joss is due to have a progress meeting with the Area Director. There have been many complaints concerning the works – a substantial number concerning night time work being carried out behind the Sailing Club, disturbing many of the residents. On questioning this, Joss was assured that, where tidal considerations take place, the EA can work "outside hours". Work in this area has now progressed quicker than expected. The slipway at Emerald Quay is also giving concern to residents.
Houseboat Owners: A meeting has been arranged between them and Southern Water to discuss sewage disposal.
Beach Entrance: Joss has been assured that the Ferry Road Beach Entrance will have more plants introduced now the weather has improved.
Fort Car Park: The remodelling of this area has now been agreed.
Extension of the Board Walk: There has been a slight delay – until July – of these works.
AREA meeting; It was held on April 16 and had an excellent turn out, including Joss, Dave and other SBRA committee members. The group's next plans are to hold a protest on 12th May against the development of the IKEA store and to have a traffic count on Shoreham High Street on April 27th and May 1st.

Any other business;

Mid-section of the boardwalk - it was noted that parts are becoming uneven – some repair work has been done to this section.
Election plans – Most of the residents have now been visited, Dave will complete his plan and canvass areas still left

Meeting closed at 6:30 pm.
Next meeting: Thursday 10th May, 2018 – at 5:00pm

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