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The following is a summary of the draft minutes of the meeting held on July 5th. The full version will be available, on request, after the September meeting (no meeting in August).


APPROVAL OF MINUTES for June meeting.

Proposed by: Joss Loader Seconded by: Pat Hand


SBRA CONSTITUTION - A number of concerns were raised regarding eligibility for committee membership. John acknowledged these concerns and suggested a small working group to find an acceptable solution. Joyce Willson will lead.

ADUR FERRY BRIDGE - Joss Loader reported that following her recent joint meeting no further developments have yet surfaced. General agreement that both the panels and footpath are very dirty. Similarly, members commented on the state of the town centre, particularly East Street's surface.

BOARDWALK - The new section of Boardwalk [Burrells-Old Fort] should be commenced during 2nd week of July - there is evidence of the new junction being prepared and materials are arriving.

OLD FORT CAR PARK - A new scheme to reconfigure & improve the current site has been appproved by ADC. Work is scheduled to commence in August for a September opening.

Dave raised a planning issue.

WASTEBINS - Joss confirmed a new batch of waste bins have now been delivered for the summer period.

SHOREHAM BEACH NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM [SBNF] - General concern from the meeting that SBNF's financial position has yet to be updated. There is evidence of work with Plan detail and Working Group meetings. Crucially, the gathering of evidence of the financial shortfall and a new budget to has taken longer than expected. There has been a delay of 5 months whilst ADC considered Version 3 of the plan. On receipt of their comments, Dave arranged a meeting with ADC to a] introduce the new committee and b] to advise that the Forum will not be able to proceed without financial assistance. ADC has agreed to review the state of the Locality grant and what has been paid to the Forum and officers will explore what ADC can offer to the Forum henceforth.

BEACH NEWS - BN's editor, Joss Loader, confirmed that the Summer edition has been printed and delivery to residents should be in July subject to the delivery of new subscription envelopes that are ordered and the date of their receipt will determine the exact delivery time for the issue.


Joyce Willson confirmed:
The Leeds Castle coach trip has the 'go-ahead'.

Church of the Good Shepherd event now 28th – 31st August @ 2pm 'Rocky's Place Holiday Club.

FoSB's announced events as per previous advice but the Rock-pooling date is yet to be finalised and the next beach clean will start from the Shingle Road entrance at 2pm, 16th September.

Shoreham Fort: "Find out More" & volunteers dates are 11am Start on 15th & 29th July & 12th-26th August.

Wordfest: as previously advised with children's activities throughout Adur.

Beach Dreams: Confirmed 13th – 15th July.



ADC Chair, Cllr Joss Loader reported that the planning application for 72 Old Fort Road has been called in for consideration by the committee.

Beach Dreams: She reported on the sterling efforts of Len Holloway who undertook the task of improving traffic control & pedestrian safety issues at Beach Green by organising the ZEBRA crossing to be temporarily suspended and a electronic Traffic Control Signal system in preference in the light of historical safety issues in previous years. This change should be a great improvement.

The four ex-ADC planters are in the process of being refurbished and repainted by Cllr Dave Collins and will, in due course, be offered to interested retail premises in Ferry Rd/West Beach to adopt subject to the verification of land ownership in front of the shops so Joss agreed to investigate the matter. Already, Pebble Financial at West Beach has agreed to take one outside their premises. She advised that weeding issues may require volunteer involvement; Councils aren't allowed to use strong chemicals.

Environment Agency [EA] - Joss reported ongoing delays but the Shoreham Sailing Club reach should be re-opened in July. Residents in Riverside Road are still having to endure prolonged disruption and noise.

The Riverbank reach [Houseboats] despite engineering complexities, is progressing well.

SBRA understands that a burglary at the Sailing Club reach occurred recently when plant was removed and Police are following up.

Cllr Dave Collins:
Sussex Wharf Tidal Wall: Dave gave a report the new EA wall from Quayside to Emerald Quay. He confirmed that, should flooding occur, the residential apartments between Garland Point and Quayside will be safe-guarded because the lowest floor is higher than the flood zone. The ground area would flood to a 5.0m level so garages, parked vehicles etc. in the area would be at risk.

Beach Wheelchair & Roll-up mat: A request has been made to provide this facility so wheelchairs can have access to the sea. It is generally agreed that the combination of a steep gradient and strong tides would make this too dangerous an enterprise.

Bech Slipways Action Gp: Inaugural meeting on 9th July at 6pm. Joss and Dave to attend.

WSCC. Dave had a site meeting with Kevin Boram regarding issues with boats outside moorings. KB will follow up.

Raleigh Close. Erection of a 'Private Road' traffic sign at its entrance is needed.


Traffic in East Street: A recent 4-hour period showed 4 commercial vehicles, 2 taxis & 2 private vehicles, including one parked there to obtain coffee, were using East Street during the 'pedestrian only' time. We are encouraged to report any anti-social driving through 'Operation Crackdown' –

Shops in Ferry Road: The business replacing the Mahee Indian takeaway will regenerate into a pizza restaurant.

IKEA Planning Meeting: The New Monks Farm planning meeting is to be held at Sir Robert Woodard Academy on July 18th at 7pm

Widewater Swimming Area: A jet-ski was observed in this area when children were swimming. Should this re-occur, it should be reported at the time to the Beach Office tel: 01903 238 977.

SBRA publicity: *John Bradshaw will assess if the Association's leaflet that used to be sent to new residents has any value nowadays.
*Joss Loader will contact the two estate agents, who advertise in the BN, to ask if they would offer the BN to those seeking homes on the Beach.
*Pat Hand will deliver BN's to a selection of local estate agents.


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