Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association


Summary of the draft minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 5th October 2017

Pre-Agenda item – Beach Green Toilet Block Development. Matthew McMillan (Boxpark) and James Appleton (ADC) presented proposals for the development of a café on the site. Following questions both left the meeting with the committee's thanks and a request for a progress article for the next edition of Beach News.

Minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2017; Proposed by Liza, seconded by Joan.

Matters Arising;

Community maintenance of footbridge Tony reported that the bridge surfaces are becoming heavily soiled and proposes a community effort to clean the surfaces. Currently Adur DC is response for sweeping, WSCC for the glass. Any community effort would need the permission of WSCC and public liability insurance would need to be in place.

SBRA secretary. Barry is moving from the Beach and has resigned as secretary. Agreed to seek a minutes secretary

Beach News and Website; Beach News Autumn edition deadline 14th October, ready for distribution by 20th November.

Social Report; Liza congratulated Joyce, Joan and Pat upon the smooth running of the enjoyable Chartwell trip, endorsed by Joss and the committee. Joyce confirmed that she had been able to book the church hall for the SBRA AGM on the 24th February 2018 and for the over 55s meal on the 24th March 2018. Future events being explored are a line dance evening and a coach trip.

Others' Events;

Church of the Good Shepherd
Cream Tea Dance - 21st October
Concert by Vivace - 18th November
Christmas Craft & Cake Fayre - 9th December
Quiz night fund raiser - 7th October 7pm Sussex Yacht Club
Big Bird Walk - 12th October, Adur Rec, 9.15am
Shoreham Fort
Remembrance Evening - 12th November 5pm
Volunteer day / Open day - 8th October; 22nd October; 5th November 11am

Financial Report; Julia Provided up to date summary of accounts and transaction list by email.

Sub-Committee Reports

Planning – (The planning committee, consisting of our two councillors and Maurice Pitchford, a previous member of Adur DC Planning Committee, scrutinise planning applications relevant to the beach.)

Free Wharf development. Ben and Joss have met with the developers (Southern Housing). Planning Application imminent.

New Monks Farm development, consultation period has been extended.

Joss pointed out the large number of developments coming up and expressed a need for planning and technical support from the committee.

Village Green – Joss, Maureen and Tony met following advice from ADC solicitor. Independent legal advice will be sought to decide the best way forward.

Councillors' Reports;

(Other than actions reported under other agenda items);

Joss reported;
- Still difficulties with the Environment Agency over flood prevention works including compensation yet to be settled with individual residents.
- Joss also requested that the steps into Lower Beach Road be opened but ADC has indicated this is not possible yet, on Health and Safety grounds.
- Houseboats and sewerage. Flood works an ideal time to connect houseboats to the sewage system but this remains prohibitively expensive. Committee members pointed out Southern Water's duty to treat houseboats as they do private houses. Joss to help facilitate a meeting with the local MP between the Environment Agency, Southern Water and the Houseboat owners.

- Joss has asked ADC at JOSC for details of contractual obligations of ex-council employees taking up employment with contractors locally.
- SBRA sponsored bin wraps on order.
- Issue of camper vans in the Harbour-Way Car Park. Reported to WSCC.
- Joss will attend meetings of the Adur Coastal Communities Committee.
- Shingle removal. to finish on 6th October ahead of schedule. Joss has flagged up various issues with working hours.

Ben reported;

- Adur DC Licensing committee cancelled this month.
- Ben will attend a meeting scheduled with the vice-chair of the Shoreham Beach Neighbourhood Forum on 20th October.
- Ben and Joss attended LNR meeting, organised by ADC, with John when the landscaping plan for the Ferry Road Beach entrance was presented. After discussion the scheme was welcomed in principle but the planting scheme will be reconsidered to include more native species. ADC hope to complete the works this autumn.
- Carriageway in Riverside Road is deteriorating. Ben has photographed and will pursue.

Any other business;

Selection of SBRA candidate for prospective councillor. Agreed a selection committee of five members followed by a secret ballot of the whole committee. Recommended candidate will be submitted to the SBRA AGM in February for approval.

Defibrillators – Rosalind has contacted the Heart Foundation and will provide a written report to the next meeting.

Joss suggested the purchase of a Poppy Wreath to lay on behalf of SBRA on Remembrance Day. Unanimously agreed.

Meeting closed at 9.35pm.
Next meeting Thursday 2nd November 2017.

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