Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association


Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, January 4th, 2018

The following is a summary of the draft minutes. The full, approved version will be available, on request, after the February meeting.

Apologies; Minutes of the meeting held on December 7th, 2017; Proposed by Tony, seconded by Pat. Agreed.

Matters Arising;

Footbridge cleansing: Tony and Ben have been working on a method statement and risk assessment. It is unlikely work will start before March at the earliest. Joss will email ADC to enquire why Adur is not cleaning the bridge, as it's their current responsibility. She will also ask about the availability of the cleaning machine (scarab).

Defibrillators: Joss has asked ADC to confirm their preferred supplier for the Ferry Road site – response awaited. It was agreed that SBRA will identify its own supplier if ADC don't respond swiftly, with a view to ordering two defibrillators by the end of the month. ADC will install the defibrillator at Ferry Road – SBRA will need to organise installation on church land in King's Walk.

Neighbourhood Forum Update: Joss has booked the hall at the Church of the Good Shepherd for 8pm on Wednesday, January 17th to allow the joint meeting between SBRA and the SBNF committees.

Beach News and Website;

Beach News - Spring issue due back from printers on March 16th - copy and advertising deadlines to be confirmed.

Social Report;

Joyce asked for volunteers to set up the Hall for the SBRA AGM on February 24th.

The planning for the Over 55s' meal on March 25th is well underway - more details at next month's meeting.

Nothing further to report regarding the line dance evening and a coach trip.

Others' Events;-
Church of the Good Shepherd - Kevin's Quiz Night 27th January
FoSB - AGM February 19th

Financial Report;

Julia Provided up to date summary of accounts and transaction list by email.

Sub-Committee Reports

Planning - (The planning committee, consisting of our two councillors and Maurice Pitchford, a previous member of Adur DC Planning Committee, scrutinise planning applications relevant to the beach.)

The Adur Local Plan has been formally adopted by ADC. Joss voted in favour - Ben was not at the full council meeting and had sent apologies.

Howard Kent site proposals - second round of consultation scheduled for Friday, January 12th, 9am to 9pm at Southwick Community Centre. Joss met the architect and developer in December and reiterated SBRA's concerns regarding height, density and impact on the infrastructure.

Kingston Wharf - Second consultation event scheduled for Thursday, January 11th, 3pm to 6pm at the Lifeboat Station. The height of the tallest buildings has been reduced by one storey, to eight. Hyde Housing has donated £1,000 to the Beach Primary School - Joss attended the school assembly when the presentation was made. She also attended a joint meeting held with the Shoreham Society and SBRA's concerns regarding height, density and impact on the infrastructure were flagged up.

Assorted planning applications on the Beach - Joss, Ben, Dave and Maurice to agree representations as appropriate.

Tall buildings study - This is now live on the ADC website;,146235,en.pdf

Village Green - Joss has asked ADC regarding signage, designating Beach Green as an open space. Response awaited. Tony is collating and archiving the evidence base.

Councillors' Reports;

(Other than actions reported under other agenda items);

Ben reported: ADC has handed over the keys to the Adur Outdoor Activity Centre to the new operator. The centre is expected to open this year – date tbc.

Joss reported;
Still difficulties with the Environment Agency over flood prevention works including compensation for individuals.

The piles behind the Sailing Club had to be removed last month, due to structural issues. The contractor is now replacing the piles using an impact hammer, which has broken, further delaying work. The project is currently closed down until January 8th for the scheduled Christmas and NY break.

The EA has been in touch following this week's high tides and strong winds. The EA expects to exercise its powers to removal shingle from the eastern end of the Beach to repair storm damage - details tbc.

The riverbank will be closed from January 16 for at least six months.

The opening of the new Emerald Quay slipway is further delayed.

Other issues:
Camper vans are being occupied at night in Harbour Way and at West Beach - Joss has requested removal by WSCC.

ADC has re-confirmed its commitment to weekly refuse collections.

Joss has made representations following the latest JAAP consultation exercise.

Any other business;

Funding request from ADC for the re-vamped beach entrance at the junction of Old Fort Road with Ferry Road. The request to fund information planks was not supported. The committee has indicated it would be receptive to a funding bid for a further red bin and/or rubbish bin in the area.

Meeting closed at 9.20pm.
Next meeting Thursday, February 1st