Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association


Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, February 1st, 2018

The following is a summary of the draft minutes of the meeting on February 1st. The full version will be available after the March meeting on request.

Minutes of the meeting held on January 4th, 2018; Proposed by Dave, seconded by Joyce. Agreed.

Matters Arising;

Resignation: Rosalind Turner has resigned as a co-opted member. She will continue to support SBRA with the defibrillator appeal and has secured funding from the Sussex Heart Charity. Rosalind was thanked for all her hard work.
Footbridge cleansing: Joss reported that ADC had informed her that they do not clean the glass but do litter pick daily. Tony Wallington updated further in respect of his report particularly in regard to the challenges of water supply and its carriage across the bridge which would require using a bowser, a very heavy piece of machinery. After some discussion, Tonyt was asked to come back with a list of options and costs, Joss will ask Mike Taylor at WSCC if it is true the bridge is to be resurfaced and if so when.
Defibrillators: These have now been delivered. Joss to meet with ADC and the Church to arrange installation. Rosalind is arranging training courses and has written an update for Beach News.
Neighbourhood Forum Update: It was felt that the joint meeting on the 17thy January went well and provided a useful way forward. The Forum is due to meet on 7th February to set a date for their AGM and agree the arrangements.
Beach Entrance Improvement at junction of Old Fort Road/Ferry Road: will start on 5th February and expected to take three weeks. Access will be maintained throughout.
Beach News and Website; Beach News – Deadline for copy 8th February. Spring issue due back from printers on March 15th.

Social Report;

SBRA AGM 24th February; The paperwork for posters, agendas, minutes of 2017 AGM, signing papers etc in hand. Meeting & Greeting/sign in will be Joan and Joyce and the P/A System is in the hands of Tony and Dave.
Over 55s' meal on March 25th; enough guests have already signed up - posters are to be put up saying "all places taken".
Line Dancing 20th May; hall booked and FMT Liners are booked. Previous price as charged agreed.
Coach Trip 19th September; plan is for Leeds Castle which has a flower festival that week. It is a further journey than before, no reductions in entry as it is not National Trust, 25 persons needed, based on a group booking the probable cost is £34. In order to go ahead, there would have to be definite interest.

Other People's Events;-
Church of the Good Shepherd; Saturday, 10th Feb: St Valentine's Day Tea Dance
FOSB: Wed. 14th Feb. 11.00 Ferry Rd Entrance meet for Beach Clean
Mon. 19th Feb. 19.00 AGM Sussex Yacht Club
Shoreham Fort: Open Day/Volunteer days; 11th & 25th February 11.00 Start
Easter Fun Day; Sat. 1st April 11.00 Start


Financial Report:
Julia had provided up to date reports by email.

Sub-Committee Reports:
Howard Kent site proposals – public meeting scheduled for Friday, February 2nd, 7pm at Shoreham College. Expected to be 10 storeys high. Joss and Dave to attend.
Free Wharf - confirmed that the application had been passed on a motion put by a Conservative member and was approved with no discussion.
Village Green application status – an answer has been received from ADC in reply to Joss's request to regarding signage, confirming Beach Green's status as an open space. Now referred for legal advice.

Councillors' Reports;

Ben reported: noted that his matters had already been reported on above.

Joss reported: she organised a surgery with Tim Loughton – also attended by James Humphrys, the EA's area director and Phil Prydderch. A number of residents and community groups were allocated individual slots to discuss a variety of issues, including: handling of complaints; lack of information to residents.

- Joss is supporting one resident with her complaint to the Ombudsman's office.
- The EA has agreed to take up a number of issues, apologised and said lessons would be learnt.
- County Councillor Kevin Boram has agreed to take up the problem of broken glass on Ferry Bridge with County.
- Joss attended the Holocaust Memorial and was saddened by the low attendance.
- The Wild Life Music festival will not be taking place this year.
- The Beach Green Bus Shelter had been vandalised yet again.
- Robert Woodard School Plan consultation – public awareness appeared to be low; not surprisingly having been been launched on 20th December!
- Shingle Removal - the Environment Agency are continuing to remove shingle and convey it to Lancing, using dumper trucks along the length of the nature reserve. Despite repeated complaints, they have the right to carry on regardless.

Any Other Business

The Constitution; Joss had emailed the Constitution with all the suggestions and amendments that had been forwarded. Following agreement for certain changes, additions and amendments, Joss will email the final draft. It will then need to be approved by the AGM.

Next meeting Thursday, March 1st.