Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association


The following is a summary of the draft minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, March 1st, 2018. The full approved version will be available on request after the next meeting.


Appointment of Officers:

Chair: Joss
Proposed by: Joyce; Seconded by: Julia
Duly agreed

Vice Chair: John
Proposed by: Joan; Seconded by: Tony Agreed
Duly agreed

Treasurer: Julia
Proposed by: Joss; Seconded by: Seconded by: Liza
Duly agreed

Social Secretary: Joyce
Proposed by: Liza; Seconded by: Tony
Duly agreed

Minutes of the meeting held on February 1st, 2018:


Matters Arising;

Footbridge cleansing: A working group meeting was held with Tony and Dave C in attendance (David J absent). Tony reported that WSCC has advised Joss that the centre span of the bridge is due to be resurfaced but date tbc. It was agreed that there were many concerns – in particular whether the 7 damaged panels had been broken by vandals or resulted from structural faults. Concerns were raised re the CCTV cameras. It was agreed that Joss should approach Tim Loughton and Cllr Kevin Boram to discuss the reconvening of the cross-authority working group to discuss all outstanding issues relating to the bridge. Safety issues relating to pedestrians and cyclists also need to be raised.

Defibrillators: These have now arrived and need to be linked to a power source to operate. Exact locations are being confirmed. Training courses have been organised and will be publicised in Beach News.

Neighbourhood Forum Update: Dave confirmed the AGM for 9th March at 7pm at the Church of the Good Shepherd hall.

Beach News and Website; Beach News is going to Press next week and is due back by 15th March.

Social Report;

Meal Update: 24th March: Chefs had a meeting – the 3 course meal menu is now agreed. Taxi drivers will be advised who is to be picked up on the week commencing 12th March.

Coach Trip to Leeds Castle: Coach trip – At the AGM – 13 possible interested people.

Sunday 4th March: Kids against Plastic Beach Clean – meet 10:00 Widewater carpark
Sunday 22nd April: Beach clean and Shoreham Fort Visit – 1:30 Shoreham Fort

Shoreham Fort
Have a great new website – same address.
Find out More Days: Sunday: 11th March and 25th March; Start 11:00 with a guided tour at 14:00
Monday 26th March – 11:00: Heritage Crime Surgery
Sat 1st Apr – 11:00 Easter Fun Day

Financial Report;

Julia Provided up to date summary of accounts and transaction list by email. Sub committee reports:
Planning – (The planning committee, consisting of our two councillors and Maurice Pitchford, a previous member of Adur DC Planning Committee, scrutinise planning applications relevant to the beach.)

10 ORMONDE WAY - This has been approved.

Councillors' Reports;

(Other than actions reported under other agenda items);
No report from Ben.
Joss reported:
Shingle removal
– Now completed.
Fort Car Park – The re-opening has been delayed until May. Joss has convened a meeting between the EA, ADC, FoSF and the Port Authority for Monday, March 5th, to discuss/agree the new car park layout.
Adur Outdoor Activity Centre – Pleased to confirm that there will be a soft opening this weekend. There will be an official opening after Easter.

Any other business;

ADC have confirmed the boardwalk will be extended in May. Currently out to tender. Affected residents to receive letters.

Harbour Club AGM was attended by John. They are to draw up options for consideration to secure its future.

Canvassing: Most people have replied. Joyce suggested doing the flats first from late March as these are the most difficult. Beach News will be circulated along with the election leaflet. Dave suggested April 3rd to start the canvassing and he is making up a poster and banner.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm
Next meeting Thursday, April 5th