Shoreham Beach
Residents' Association



The following is a summary of the draft minutes of the September meeting of the SBRA committee. A full, approved version will be available on request after the October meeting.

ACTING CHAIR: John Bradshaw.
MEMBERS present: Cllr Joss Loader, Chair ADC; Cllr Dave Collins; Liza McKinney; Joyce Willson; Joan Moore; Pat Hand; Tony Wallington; Keith Ferrers-Morissey; Maurice Pitchford; David Johnson

APPROVAL OF MINUTES for July meeting.

Proposed by: Liza McKinney Seconded by: Pat Hand


ADUR FERRY BRIDGE - Joss Loader reported that WSCC, the owner of the bridge, has received estimates of £10,000 to clean the structure and will not proceed. The meeting engaged in a discussion for a response from SBRA not just for beach residents but those of the town, businesses and visitors to Shoreham. Various ideas were discussed. It was decided that a working group of four committee members will meet to prepare a planned response.

SBRA LEAFLETS TO NEW RESIDENTS - Pat Hand confirmed she had delivered copies of the Beach News to identified estate agents. The consensus of the meeting was that this was enough to inform new residents of what was available in the area.

BEACH NEWS & WEBSITE - Joss advised that the latest Beach News attracted a high and encouraging number of advertisers consequently outstanding invoices will be chased. The copy date for the next issue will be October 15th approximately one month before likely publication & distribution. In the next issue, Acting Chairman's notes will recommence. The website will be duly updated.

SOCIAL REPORT - Joyce advised that the coach trip to Leeds Castle in Kent for Wednesday September 19th is now confirmed and should prove a brilliant day for all 29 attendees. Also, she has started to investigate the proposal for a coach trip to the Houses of Parliament in either April or May of 2019 and a final date will be advised towards the end of this year. The trip will include a meeting with our MP Tim Loughton.

A short interaction followed about ADC's rules on advertising local group activities that are not being allowed in local bus shelters yet some of Worthing's social events continue to be displayed in telephone boxes within Adur's district. Both councillors are aware of this disconnect.

SHOREHAM BEACH NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM [SBNF] - All committee members had been circulated with the latest position of and status report prior to this meeting by its Chair, Dave Collins.

The Forum's proposal for a Multi-use games area [MUGA] was highlighted by some SBRA members as being a questionable asset for the Beach and concern for its provisional siting on the North end of Beach Green. A discussion followed. Dave advised that it was in the Forum's plan as it had garnered some support from local parents. The idea of moving it to the AOAC site on the Adur Memorial Ground has been strongly discouraged by Planning Department as that area was designated "green gap" and crossing the A259 could discourage usage.

Dave also confirmed that The Forum has approached Locality for more funding. They have responded encouragingly with a modest sum yet require some additional work for the Executive Committee to complete before a future claim can be successful.


Knowing Julia would be unable to attend the meeting, she circulated an email to all members with up to date transactions lists.

Joss advised that SBRA's financial contribution to an ADC beach clean-up A-board in Ferry Road has been withdrawn, following contractual issues, so our funds will not be required.


43 Old Fort Rd: SBRA has no objections to the latest application.
72 Old Fort Road: Scheme now approved.
The Howard Kent proposal; Cecil Norris House closure; Parcel Force sight were all briefly updated.
Free Wharf has been approved for development by Southern Housing and work will commence later this year.
New Monks Farm issue was highlighted. David Johnson alluded to a number of associated concerns not apparently being fully appreciated by either Government or WSCC.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS' RESPONSIBILITIES - Working Group Leader, Joyce Willson, confirmed the group's proposals by email distribution to members prior to the meeting. David Johnson, who has been unable to attend Committee meetings for some months, was offered time to question Joyce about this issue and why it had become necessary. Later a proposal confirmed a majority in favour and the changes are adopted.


Cllr Joss Loader, Chair of ADC, opened with references to the Environment Agency [EA].

The steps constructed by EA near the Sailing Club on Harbour Way appear unfit for purpose and local residents have been particularly concerned by the type of paint used.

EA have built a disability ramp at the Fort that is deemed only fit for purpose by able-bodied beach users. It was also attracting sea anglers so "No Fishing" signage will be placed there to discourage them.

A more cost-effective version of handrails proposed for the Tow-Path will be installed in due course.

Other issues
Ormonde Way: the grass bank running parallel to A259 has been subjected to vehicles parking upon & driving across it. WSCC Councillor, Kevin Boram has agreed with OW residents that the idea of wild seeding should be tried to discourage such behavours and Joss suggested SBRA will contribute £100 towards the cost of the seeds.

The recently installed defibrillators have been refitted with new, yellow outer casings for more visual impact and greater security. The Manager of the Mooring bar at Emerald Quay is keen to fit a defibrillator for their residents . The Manager has been encouraged to approach Joss who will assist in the endeavour.

The new Pizza restaurant about to open in Ferry Rd has been granted an alcohol offlicence but only up to 10.30 pm.

The third element of the boardwalk [Burrells to Old Fort] has been successfully laid by ADC.

ADC Public Notice in Adur Herald re Beach Green.

SBRA Chair, councillors & committee members have been made aware of a Public Notice issued by ADC concerning the future of Beach Green. The content of the notice and its likely implications were discussed in some depth by the members present. The outcome was a proposal to form a working group to discuss the issue and determine the way forward.

This matter will be attended to with some urgency by the SBRA.

Cllr Dave Collins spoke about the slipways at Emerald Quay & Harbour Club and described them as not fit for purpose. But, EA suggests there is no evidence that the slipways are unusuitable. He promised to send his reports to Cllr Joss Loader and our MP, Tim Loughton, both of whom have been involved with the issue.


John Bradshaw advised that the Management of the Harbour Club is advising H.C Members to attend two meetings concerning the future of the club. They are on September 11th & 18th from 6pm in the first floor restaurant area.

Joan asked for an update on the ex-ADC planters. Dave advised they will be ready for distribution outside shops and businesses on the Beach by the end of September; 2 of the 4 are already reserved.

Some letters have been received to thank SBRA committee for their continued efforts on behalf of the residents.

Keith commented about vehicles continously parking on pavements and has noted that the Government is minded to change the law in this respect whilst WSCC are carrying out pilot schemes for viability.

David J asked if he could be brought up to date with the progress of the Forum in the next month.

Pat enquired about the No2 bus route and whether it could be re-routed to the Beach.

She also advised that she had made an appointment with Tim Loughton MP to discuss flood defences at Sussex Wharf.

Finally, Joss advised that the EA's contractors have vacated the Ferry Road Car Park area, which is now being completed.