About SBRA

Shoreham Beach is a unique community - created on a narrow shingle spit, washed by the River Adur and English Channel on three sides.

SBRA was established in the 1950s to serve the interests of our residents - young and old, and from all walks of life. Since then SBRA has returned independent councillors to serve residents' needs on Adur District Council - free of political party allegiance. Our councillors also play a full and active role in the affairs of the Shoreham district.

We also produce a full-colour magazine three times a year, giving regular updates about Beach life. You can access the most recent copies by clicking on Beach News.

If you would like to contact the association, or are interested in becoming a member, contact details are available on the "Meet the Committee" page.

Shoreham Beach Residents' Association| 07838-379599| joss_loader@yahoo.co.uk

Photography: Judy Green