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Shoreham Beach Residents' Association - Minutes of meeting

The following is a summary of the minutes of the SBRA committee meeting held on February 1st, 2024, at the Harbour Club.

Proposed by: Pat Hand and seconded by: John Bradshaw

MATTERS ARISING: Donations: Joss suggested SBRA should offer a donation to the Church of the Good Shepherd for some urgent restoration work, including their war memorial. The committee agreed a £500 grant.

Joss requested Tim Loughton's assistance to obviate an urgent water leak outside a residential property after SWA had quoted a month-long wait! He reacted straight away and the problem was attended to.

BEACH NEWS & WEBSITE: As Editor, Joss said a deadline date of February 7th has been set for the next, Spring, edition of Beach News. This led to a discussion about local advertising support for the publication.

SOCIAL REPORT: The Association is still seeking a new Social Secretary. If any residents might be interested in this position, they can respond, in the first instance, using email through the SBRA website.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Val Veal circulated the latest spreadsheet via email.

SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS: Planning: In Maureen's absence, her report outlined the latest applications, although it's generally very quiet.

Noise reports: The reports of a whistling noise from the new blocks of flats have largely died down, but it's hard to know if this is because the wind has dropped. The balconies have also been completed and this was cited as a possible source of the noise. Joss is monitoring the situation and will get back in touch with ADC if it starts again.
Southern Water: As Chairs of the Council's Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Heather Mercer and Joss have now lodged a formal complaint with Southern Water regarding their refusal to attend a committee meeting. A press release has been issued.
A259 Pedestrian crossing proposal: Joss is still awaiting a response from WSCC to explain why they turned down her application, on behalf of SBRA, to site a new pedestrian crossing on the A259, near the Dogs' Trust.
Holocaust Memorial event: Julia and Joss attended the annual event in Buckingham Park.

Cllr Julia Watts:
FoSB: A Beach Clean has been organised for March 16th, commencing at the Harbour Club. And, also a 'Beach Flower Walk' for the 26th of May.
Beach Green: This matter seems to be at a total standstill at present.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: No concerns raised.


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