SBRA History

SBRA was established in 1955 to safeguard the development and rebuilding of Shoreham Beach after most properties were demolished during the Second World War.

Since 1957, Shoreham Beach has returned Independent Councillors, sponsored by the Association.

Their primary concern was to represent Beach interests first, as well as serving on the former Shoreham Urban District Council and then Adur District Council (ADC). ADC was formed during the local government reorganisation in 1974.

Our councillors have been highly respected at ADC and at least four have served as Chairmen of the Council - acting as Adur's first citizen and the equivalent of a Mayor.

Former Chairs include our current councillor, Joss Loader, and her predecessor, Liza McKinney.

One of SBRA's primary aims was to keep an eye on planning control and the development on the Beach. This is a key objective today and Joss currently sits on ADC's planning committee.

SBRA aims to represent all residents on the Beach and collects subscriptions annually, via envelopes included in Beach News. The treasurer is responsible for financial governance and all funds are held in a bank account, with payments made only by cheque and with two signatories. A financial report is submitted to the committee monthly.

The Committee uses the subscriptions to help improve Beach life. There is also a ring-fenced amount, to ensure that residents can be properly represented, if necessary, by way of legal counsel and advice.

Today - more than 60 years after its formation - SBRA plays an active part in Beach life and aims to support community groups wherever possible, including the Friends of Shoreham Beach, the Friends of Shoreham Fort and the PTFA at the Beach Primary School.

During Lockdown, SBRA's Chair has worked with the vicar at the Church of the Good Shepherd and local volunteers, to run a community support group for Beach residents.

Led by our Social Secretary, Joyce Willson, we also run social events, such as a community meal and trips for members. These are currently suspended during the pandemic but will re-start as soon as possible.

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